A)-Car,Bus and Minibus Rental Conditions 

Our insured Company economic class, luxury class vehicles and VIP Jeeps can be delivered to the airport or customers Hotel located within the Bodrum Peninsula and Izmir  free of charge. TTA rent a car  providing customers with daily, weekly and monthly car rental services and group rentals is proud to be one of the most qualified car rental companies in the Bodrum Peninsula and Izmir

1)-Car Rental Age

-Age 21 for economic group cars (Renault Clio, Renault grandtour, Hyundai accent Era, etc.)
-Age 25 for middle group cars (Renault Fluence, Hyundai Accent Era blue, etc.)
Since our VIP  cars, Minibuses and buses are rented with a driver, it is enough to turn age 18 for rent.
2)-Deposit (Using Credit Card)
Our renter customers are required to have a credit card which is issued on behalf of them during rental. While it depends on group of cars they rent, a pre-provision at the amount of minimum 750 TL for economic group cars and 1000 TL for middle and super group cars may be blocked up from the mentioned credit card.
Since our BMW cars, Minibuses and buses are rented with a driver, pre-provision is not required.
3)-Driving License Period

-Minimum 2-year driving license for economic group cars
-Minimum 3-year driving license for middle group cars
-Since the above mentioned pre-conditions will be searched during rental, you will be able to receive car provided that you have your driving license and credit card with you.
Since our BMW cars, Minibuses and buses are rented with a driver, driving license and credit card are not required.

4)-Services and products included in TTA rent a car prices

The following services and products are included in all prices you see on the site,
-Deductible  Collision Damage Waiver ( In the event of fulfilling insurance conditions, it indemnifies the damage provided that the amount varying according to car group belongs to customer. This insurance does not cover damages unless they occur in the event of impact (parking place, tire, glass, head lamp).The customer will be obliged to coves the first amount of 750 TL for damages caused to the vehicle.
-Unlimited kilometer usage

(There is a daily limitation of 300 km for  Minibuses  0,50 TL/km, Luxury group and Buses. 1 TL/ km fee is charged for exceed kilometer.)
-VAT at legal rate

-Mandatory insurance ( THIRD PARTY LIABILITY)
As this insurance value is included in the car rental price; it is not collected from the client. Third party liability insurance covers the losses of 3rd persons who are involved in an accident and incur a loss (death, treatment expenses, material loss) within the limitations  up to 5 persons at the most.

Since our BMW cars, Minibuses and buses are rented with a driver, customer has no liability if the car has a full coverage during accident.
Under the following conditions,Deductible Collision Damage Waiver  will be invalid and damage to be occurred will be excluded from the scope of insurance.
-If persons other than those whose names are written on rental contract make the car use,
-In the event of using the car out of normal terms of use (using the car with high motor movement, bad road conditions or driving on flat tire, wrong fuelling and other similar conditions),
-In the event of using car out of traffic rules (exceeding legal speed limit, running red light and other similar violations),
-In the of using the car under the effect of alcohol or drug,
-In the event of load being carried in the car to cause a damage or accident,
-In the event of using the car unobservantly and without taking precautions (not making speed adjustment according to road conditions in rainy weather, not following frontal car from minimum safe distance and other similar uses),
-Not reporting an eventuated accident or stolen case immediately to the contact phones to be given to the customer, leaving the car at the site of accident (excluding impeding condition determined by medical report),
Not receiving necessary reports (traffic and alcohol report) related to eventuated accident within 48 hours from concerned authorities, - Not delivering original key of the car in the event that the car is stolen.
-Not delivering the car without having approval and despite expiration of rental period,
-In the event of damage occurred due to load carried inside the car or accrued on the opposite side,
-Tire, window or head lamp damages are not included in Collision Damage Waiver. This insurance can be purchased separately.
-Material compensation amounts arose from damages given to the 3rd parties are guaranteed under the scope of obligatory liability insurance. The customer is liable for amounts out of limits of guarantee.

5)-Services and products excluded from TTA Rent a Car Prices
Excluding our vip class cars rented with a driver, minibuses and buses,

a)-Top Cover CDW
In the event of accident, as renter’s liability at variable amounts depending on rented car’s group will be removed, it guarantees damages up to 500 TL accrued regardless of impact (parking place, tire-window damages, etc.) without the need to customer statement and police report.

You can purchase this insurance by paying 4  Euro/day


By paying a daily charge, the renter may cover claims arising from Tire Burning,Glass or Headlight Breakage, which are not covered by Casco insurance.

You can purchase this insurance by paying 3 Euro/day.

You can purchase all insurance by paying 6 Euro/day

6)- One Way Price
One way price is charged if the car is wanted to be rented or delivered at a point different from stated stations. (Please ask for availability)
For our Standard and Middle Class Passenger Cars
0 - 50 km 30.00 TL + 0.35 TL per km
0 - 100 km 50.00 TL + 0.35 TL per km
100 - 500 km 100.00 TL + 0.35 TL per km
500 km and over 150.00 TL + 0.35 TL per km
For our Luxury Class and Buses and Minibuses,Return fuel fee is collected from customer and return time is added to rental period.

Cars are delivered and received with a full tank so far as possible. Fuel difference between receiving fuel level and delivery fuel level will be requested from the rented by adding a service fee between 25-30% depending on fuel prices during delivery. Delivering the car with fuel level during receiving of the car will be much more economic fort he renter.

8)-Additional Driver
 In the event of showing driving license and obeying rental preconditions (excluding deposit precondition), 3 drivers can be written to one contract for free. For each driver after the 3rd driver, a fee of 5 TL/day is charged.

9)- Baby and Child Seat
Baby and child seat can be provided to cars. If you state during your reservation, our reservation officers will give you information.

10)- Request for Amendment in Rental Contract
Rental price and given reservation approval have been given according to conditions agreed at the beginning. In cases where it is not possible to meet an amendment requested operationally under these conditions (if the car has a reservation, reached maintenance kilometer, etc.), this request may not be met. Even the amendment request has been accepted, since this case shall change the price calculation determined at the beginning, an additional fee is charged or repayment shall not be made in case of early return. An amendment which may occur under any of the following conditions may change the rental conditions. Request for extending the rental period is taken via telephone during the first extension and its fee is charged via mail order and then approved. For later extension requests, the car is required to be brought to one of TTA Rent a car offices and checked.
-Changing return date and time (extension/early return)
-Changing return station
-Changing car group
-Request for adding additional driver to the contact
-Time Difference
Rental period is 24 hours. An amount of 20% of daily rental charge is charged for each one hour delay. Delays accrued during delivery of the car without receiving approval, may cause Guarantee for Availing of Insurance (Top Cover or Collision Damage Waiver) be disabled or additional time difference charge.

11)- Other Operational Extracts

You report services which you think you may need during your journey, you can receive information on price and availability.
-Reservation Conditions
Your reservations made via our internet site are valid with the following conditions:
In the event of amendment in your reservation condition (applying return date earlier or later date, changing return station, changing car group, request for adding additional driver to the contract), the request will not be met and also case of not making any discount in rental charge or in the event of meeting the request, the case of request for additional charge may occur.
Collision Damage Waiver, VAT and unlimited kilometer use are included in all prices you see on our web site. For your other additional service needs, you can receive information by reading “Price Conditions”.
During heavy reservation periods, whole or part of car rental charge shall be requested via “mail order” or “money order to account”.
For cash price reservations; in the event of cancellation of reservations, 40 TL up to at least 72 hours before the delivery time of the car, in the event of not delivering the car due to cancellation less than 72 hours before this duration or not obeying rental conditions, one (1) day rental charge of the reserved car shall be collected. Cancellation notifications should be made written: via Fax: For cars rented from Bodrum +90 319 22 20, for cars rented from izmir +90 232 445 4498 or via e-mail info@izmirvipservices.com or yada info@bodrumvipservices.com.
In the event of change in rental date during reservation and rental stage, daily rental charge may be calculated with an increase of 25%.
Rental contract shall be signed during rental.
Yet it is not a common application, the selected car in your which you reserved may be replaced with a car having equivalent brand and model.
In order for not encounter with any problem during your journey, please call our contact phones to be given you in case of need though all precautions have been taken.
If you want rental charge to be paid through "cash against invoicing” (Checking Account), in the event that you complete Checking Account Contract and submit to us, our accounting department will contact with your company's related person.
Reservations you make via our site are only valid in the event that you read “Car Rental Condition”, “Price Conditions” and “Terms of Site Use”.
Reservation center: +90 252 444 2450
Full support line: 0232 445 44 96
Police Emergency: 155
Ambulance: 112